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Stormchaser Mountsorrel Leicester current Weather StormChaser Mountsorrel Leicester current Weather


Web Site News

09 Feb 2009 Tomorrow (Tuesday) I have been invited down to London to give a live interview on the “This Morning show” and later on the “Richard and Judy” Show.
03 February 2009

I am on the Telly (again!)

CH4 Cutting Edge "A very British Storm Junkie"

 12th Feb 2009 @ 21:00pm

"Based in Leicestershire with long-suffering fiancée Alison, Stuart Robinson's interest in storms was sparked by the 90s Hollywood blockbuster, Twister. He saw his first tornado in 1998 and, over the last ten years, storm chasing has become a full-blown obsession for Stuart - he's chased 30 tornados and six hurricanes so far. But last year he set himself the ultimate storm chaser's goal of experiencing the eye of a monster hurricane for himself, where the 150mph-plus winds, capable of flattening buildings, drop to a dead calm. It's something few people would do through choice, and which promises serious personal danger. To achieve this holy grail he must defeat the odds, defy the authorities and runs the risk of stormy weather on the home front as his wedding to Alison approaches."


15 Janaury 2009 Added a news ticker that displays the most recent weather reports from other weather stations around Leicestershire. You can see it working here.
LATEST Reports:
13 January 2009 Improved the SunRise Times  page by adding for days forward and four days backwards from the sleted date - this gives real value to how the day lenth is changing over a week.
10 January 2009 Good News! My planning application for the new Weather Station Anemometer has been Granted unconditionally
. You can read the decision  notice  here. I have order up a new pole in order to mount the new Anemometer so I expect it to be up and running by the end of January.
10 Decmeber 2008 I have added a Guest Book - Please post your feedback comments (both good and bad!)    Here
28 November 2008 Work has started on a new and exciting concept for the Mountsorrel / Rothley Weather Station - accurate weather forecasts for the next 7 Days based on the GFS model. This is very much work in progress but I wanted to show you what I have achieved so far. Expect plenty of changes and improvements over the next few days. Leicestershire 7 day weather forecasts
26 November 2008 Added a new page that has "Dynamic Chart" displaying recent weather data - I am using the GoogleChart API in order to display the charts. Give it a go! Here!
13 November 2008 Added a new “fun” page – Weather Almanac Almanac – Here I describe the typical weather that we should expect over Mountsorrel. Again it is just for fun but it is interesting to see what to expect throughout the seasons.
13 November 2008 We have sunshine! By using my Solar Radiation Sensor I have added a SunShine Hours parameter to All the climate pages – this was actually a lot of work as I had to calculate if a Sun Minute was generated against every record in the database (almost 900,000 records).
15 October 2008 Added a new page FrostWatch to monitor the amount of overnight Frosts that we get in Mountsorrel. I am recording both Ground and air Frosts.
11 October 2008 Planning approval sought for Roof Mounted Anemometer. I have taken advise from the Charnwood Council as to the installation of the roof mounted Anemometer. Apparently “Weather Vanes” do not require permission but Wind turbines do! – The Anemometer falls somewhere between the two, so to be on the safe side, I have submitted a formal planning application for it. Included in the application is a request to mount a second and more accurate Anemometer on the same pole along side the original. I run the real risk here of having permission denied and then having to take down the original Anemometer however I do not want to fall foul of any planning laws so.. I am going through the proper channels. I will update more in a month of so once a planning decision has been reached. Lets all keep our fingers cross that the out come will allow the Mountsorrel Weather Station to contiune. 
Wind Senor Install Note not to scale - max hieght above roof line is 5 to 6 feet.
07 October 2008 As requested I have removed the black background from the site and what a shock it is!! I need to spend a few more days fiddling with the site as certain things just don’t look right but over all it look much more fresh and new. One thing that I have noticed now is the amount of white space that there is on the site – This needs to be filled, so I well be moving certain dials and labels around to make the best use of room.
03 October 2008 The roof mounted Wind Anemometer is finally fixed! It stop recording wind speeds some two months ago and I have been using a temporary Anemometer mounted on my shed. This would always record low wind speeds due to its location. However today I got an Ariel fitted to swap over the Anemometer on the roof so all is now working and back to normal.
03 October 2008 Updated the Climate day Page to show mean values over the last hour. Before I was just picking values that occoured on the hour and not the mean value for that hour. This was giving some strange values  to the output.
01 October 2008 A request has come in to change the black background to the site. The black was a spin off from the old site that I used to run for mountsorrel. I must admit that it is time for a change too! I use Casscading Style Cheets to theme the site so I should be able to return to a white background. Updating the style of the weather dails will be an issue but well worth it if people can actually read the text on the site. This is work in progress until I can find a suitable mixtures of colour but I WILL be returning to a white background :)
29 September 2008 Work has finished on the StormChasing Gallary. Now I just need to upload the 100's of pictures and Video that I have shot over the years.

The Mountsorrel Weather Station is located in Mountsorrel which is just South of Loughborough and just North of Leicester in Leicestershire.
It is maintained by Stormchaser Stuart Robinson whose passion is for all type of weather but especially the more severe types of weather such as Hurricanes, Typhoon and Tornadoes.