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Stormchaser Mountsorrel Leicester current Weather StormChaser Mountsorrel Leicester current Weather

Headline: Rather cloudy with some rain overnight and again on Saturday.

This Evening and Tonight: Very mild but increasingly cloudy and breezy during the evening, with extensive hill fog spreading in, coupled with occasional rain. Becoming drier during the early hours, with rain probably confined to the far south, becoming light and intermittent. Minimum Temperature 10C.

Saturday: Rather cloudy for most through Saturday, with early intermittent light rain in the south probably becoming heavier and more widespread later, eventually clearing southeast during the evening. Maximum Temperature 12C.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday: Mostly rather cloudy with a little rain at times, perhaps brightest early Monday. On the mild side throughout, particualrly overnight, with frost not expected.

UK Outlook for Wednesday 14 Dec 2016 to Friday 23 Dec 2016: As we move through next week we are mostly likely to see a north-west to south-east split developing. During this time periods of wet and windy weather are expected to approach the UK from the west, however their eastward progression at this stage is fairly uncertain. In this type of scenario the most unsettled conditions are likely across the north and west, with drier and brighter weather for southern and eastern areas. It'll be windy at times, with the possibility of gales in the west and northwest, but it will be much less windy further south and east. It'll generally be mild with temperatures above average, however, in between weather systems temperatures will return closer to normal.

UK Outlook for Saturday 24 Dec 2016 to Saturday 7 Jan 2017: There is a good deal of uncertainty for this period as the UK remains in a battleground between higher pressure across the near continent and lower pressure in the Atlantic. The exact orientation of these will dictate conditions across the country. Currently western parts are most likely to see outbreaks of rain at times, along with relatively mild conditions, whilst eastern areas will see drier and perhaps colder conditions. There will probably also be some milder, unsettled interludes though, especially into early January, with the greatest likelihood of changeable conditions in the northwest, giving rain here at times.

UK Outlook for Friday 23 Dec 2016 to Friday 6 Jan 2017: Whilst there is a good deal of uncertainty for this period, it is most likely that more settled conditions may dominate associated with high pressure affecting the UK. If the pressure does build, then we can expect drier than average conditions for most areas with lighter winds. Temperatures are also then likely to be below average with an increased risk of frost and fog, especially where skies remain clear overnight. There will probably also be some milder, unsettled interludes though, and as we head into the New Year this may become more of a feature in our weather, with the greatest likelihood of changeable conditions in the northwest, giving rain here at times.

Computer text generated Forecast issued at Fri 09 Dec 14:38


The Mountsorrel Weather Station is located in Mountsorrel which is just South of Loughborough and just North of Leicester in Leicestershire.
It is maintained by Stormchaser Stuart Robinson whose passion is for all type of weather but especially the more severe types of weather such as Hurricanes, Typhoon and Tornadoes.