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Stormchaser Mountsorrel Leicester current Weather StormChaser Mountsorrel Leicester current Weather

Headline: Drier, brighter and warmer, with sunny spells and showers.

Today: Brighter and warmer than Tuesday, with early mist patches clearing to allow sunny spells. There is a chance of isolated sharp showers developing into the afternoon, with these more likely further west. Maximum Temperature 17C.

Tonight: Clear spells at first will give way to occasional rain spreading erratically eastwards overnight, with some heavier spells likely as this stalls over the region towards dawn. Minimum Temperature 7C.

Thursday: Early rain, mist and hill fog should largely clear through the morning to leave a drier and brighter afternoon for many, although the far east may stay cloudier with rain. Maximum Temperature 15C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday: Remaining unsettled, with occasional rain or showers separated by drier and brighter interludes. Feeling a little cooler than of late, particularly as winds strengthen into the weekend.

UK Outlook for Sunday 27 Apr 2014 to Tuesday 6 May 2014: Remaining unsettled for most on Sunday and Monday, with showers or longer spells of rain, heavy at times, although there will be some drier, brighter spells too, most likely in the northwest of the UK. It will be breezy at times, particularly in the northwest. Chilly in the rain and along windward coasts, however it will feel warm where it remains bright. The rest of the week is likely to remain changeable, especially for the south and east of the UK at first, though some brighter periods are still likely. Temperatures are expected to gradually lower through the week, with an increasing risk of frost in the north. This unsettled pattern of weather is expected to continue into May, but with signs that temperatures will begin to trend upwards.

UK Outlook for Wednesday 7 May 2014 to Wednesday 21 May 2014: There remain no strong, discernable signals for any particular weather type to dominate through to the middle of May, although western parts look likely to remain most settled. Elsewhere, conditions are more likely than not to be mixed with unsettled spells and showers or longer outbreaks of rain, interspersed with periods of largely fine and dry weather. By day, temperatures are likely to often be near average, which at this time of year would leave conditions feeling pleasant in sunshine when winds are light. Southern regions probably have the best chance of above average maxima. Where more settled conditions persist, nights may still be chilly with a touch of frost possible.

Computer text generated Forecast issued at Wed 23 Apr 02:01


The Mountsorrel Weather Station is located in Mountsorrel which is just South of Loughborough and just North of Leicester in Leicestershire.
It is maintained by Stormchaser Stuart Robinson whose passion is for all type of weather but especially the more severe types of weather such as Hurricanes, Typhoon and Tornadoes.