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Stormchaser Mountsorrel Leicester current Weather StormChaser Mountsorrel Leicester current Weather

Is the Grass Growing at Mountsorrel and Rothley?

Two of the main requirements for grass growth are temperature and moisture. By using these two parameters I have put together a simple algorithm that show when condition were good for grass growth. Moisture falls as rain or form as dew this is positive moisture return. Evapotranspiration is the sum of evaporation and plant transpiration and is deemed as water loss from the ground.
  • The night/day average temperature is greater than 6°c.
  • The balance of water remaining in the ground is greater than 3mm over a 5 day period.

DayDateAir Temp HighGrass Temp LowAverage TempRain FallEvapo TranspirationWater Loss/GainTemp OK for GrowthWater OK for GrowthIs the Grass Growing?
Fri27 May 201618.2°c1.7°c9.9°c--0.6 mm-0.6 mmYesYesYes
Thu26 May 201615.8°c3.3°c11.5°c0.2 mm0.5 mm-0.3 mmYesYesYes
Wed25 May 201611.9°c7.8°c9.5°c0.2 mm0.3 mm-0.1 mmYesYesYes
Tue24 May 201617.5°c1.1°c11.6°c--1.4 mm-1.4 mmYesYesYes
Mon23 May 201619.1°c6.1°c12.8°c3.2 mm1.4 mm1.8 mmYesYesYes
Sun22 May 201618.6°c8.3°c13.3°c0.2 mm1.3 mm-1.1 mmYesYesYes
Sat21 May 201617.0°c12.2°c14.1°c1.4 mm0.8 mm0.6 mmYesYesYes
Fri20 May 201618.4°c10.6°c14.4°c0.8 mm1.3 mm-0.5 mmYesYesYes
Thu19 May 201617.9°c6.7°c13.0°c0.8 mm1.0 mm-0.2 mmYesYesYes
Wed18 May 201614.6°c10.6°c12.1°c9.0 mm0.4 mm8.6 mmYesYesYes
Tue17 May 201618.2°c2.2°c12.7°c--1.7 mm-1.7 mmYes  
Mon16 May 201616.4°c1.1°c11.0°c--1.7 mm-1.7 mmYesYesYes
Sun15 May 201616.7°c0.0°c10.4°c--1.6 mm-1.6 mmYesYesYes
Sat14 May 201615.4°c1.1°c9.6°c--1.2 mm-1.2 mmYesYesYes
Fri13 May 201615.6°c7.2°c10.7°c--0.7 mm-0.7 mmYesYesYes
Thu12 May 201622.2°c8.3°c15.3°c--2.0 mm-2.0 mmYesYesYes
Wed11 May 201616.8°c11.7°c13.7°c10.4 mm0.2 mm10.2 mmYesYesYes
Tue10 May 201616.1°c11.7°c13.6°c14.4 mm0.2 mm14.2 mmYesYesYes
Mon09 May 201625.9°c6.1°c18.2°c4.4 mm2.2 mm2.2 mmYesYesYes
Sun08 May 201611.4°c5.6°c10.5°c----0.0 mmYesYesYes
Sat07 May 201623.2°c5.6°c14.1°c15.0 mm1.2 mm13.8 mmYesYesYes
Fri06 May 201621.8°c0.6°c14.0°c--1.3 mm-1.3 mmYes  
Thu05 May 201622.0°c-1.1°c13.9°c--2.2 mm-2.2 mmYesYesYes
Wed04 May 201618.9°c-1.7°c11.3°c--2.3 mm-2.3 mmYesYesYes
Tue03 May 201613.4°c-0.6°c9.3°c--1.0 mm-1.0 mmYesYesYes
Mon02 May 201615.6°c2.8°c11.8°c2.4 mm1.0 mm1.4 mmYesYesYes
Sun01 May 201614.2°c-2.2°c8.8°c0.2 mm1.1 mm-0.9 mmYesYesYes
Sat30 Apr 201611.7°c-0.6°c6.5°c0.4 mm1.1 mm-0.7 mmYesYesYes
Fri29 Apr 201610.1°c-1.1°c5.7°c0.4 mm1.4 mm-1.0 mm Yes 
Thu28 Apr 20169.7°c-2.2°c4.8°c4.8 mm0.9 mm3.9 mm Yes 

The Mountsorrel Weather Station is located in Mountsorrel which is just South of Loughborough and just North of Leicester in Leicestershire.
It is maintained by Stormchaser Stuart Robinson whose passion is for all type of weather but especially the more severe types of weather such as Hurricanes, Typhoon and Tornadoes.