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Stormchaser Mountsorrel Leicester current Weather StormChaser Mountsorrel Leicester current Weather

  Sunshine Hours
"For how long has the sun been out today..."

Traditionally, the World Meteorological Organisation, WMO, defines a sunshine hour as “the sum of the time intervals (in hours) during which the direct normal solar irradiance exceeds a threshold of 120 W/m2”. Recently, the WMO has approved the “pyranometric method” of calculating sunshine duration from pyranometer measurements (WMO-No. 8, Guide to Meteorological Instruments). Inside the Mountsorrel & Rothley Weather Station, a software algorithm calculates sunshine hours by first calculating the 1-second maximum potential solar radiation possible (clear sky, bright sun) based on the time and location of the sun proximity to the weather station. If the weather station' Pyranometer output is greater than 40% of the maximum potential direct solar radiation, then a sun second is recorded. These sun seconds are then totalled up to calculate sun hours per day.

Leicestershire averages 1364 hours of sun a year
** In April 2019, the weather station was upgraded to a grade A WMO Secondary standard Pyranometer to provide more accoute readings.

Recorded Sunshine Hours by Month (2019)
AUG3. 97.0
JUL5.86.811.810.510. 151.1
JUN6. 120.2
MAY3. 148.1
APR7. 134.4
MAR0. 17.3
FEB1. 118.0
JAN1. 46.1
  Recordred Sunshine Hours by Years  
201946.1118.017.3134.4148.1120.2151. 832.2
201857.068.961.1116.1226.4177.5196.8149.7148.3136.365.953.0 1457.0
201744.246.8115.2150.8162.3135.2142.0172.3128.785.477.060.3 1320.2
201640.082.387.6119.5136.795.5148.7161.2131.9111.465.360.4 1240.5
201564.474.6103.6198.2120.8135.0131.1130.2140.899.331.542.7 1272.2
201462.372.1117.4118.9134.8138.0193.0144.6131.987.146.986.5 1333.5
201343.952.960.5137.2126.9139.9186.5154.1125.186.565.371.9 1250.7
201272.258.2139.999.2146.589.1120.8128.7150.3104.852.756.0 1218.4
201147.932.8101.4192.9176.6140.5116.7113.2157.5103.446.766.0 1295.6
201066.538.5106.5150.060.9157.4112.9115.7116.9116.250.558.5 1150.5
200929.733.562.2115.9134.5116.5124.4159.8113.7102.767.972.4 1133.2
200834.279.267.886.997.992.597.475.787.0100.333.158.7 910.7
20070.046.080.898.1100.460.4101.0125.1103.187.743.430.3 876.3

The Mountsorrel Weather Station is located in Mountsorrel which is just South of Loughborough and just North of Leicester in Leicestershire.
It is maintained by Stormchaser Stuart Robinson whose passion is for all type of weather but especially the more severe types of weather such as Hurricanes, Typhoon and Tornadoes.