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Stormchaser Mountsorrel Leicester wind current Weather

The Stormtrack Weather Station at Mountsorrel and Rothley Leicester

52:42N 01:08W at 229 ft AMSL
The Villages of Mountsorrel and Rothley are located 4 miles North of Leicester, on the edge of the Charnwood Forest
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Last Data Feed: Tue 24 Nov 12:55 PM

Station Automated Forecast: Increasing clouds with little temperature change

Today PM
  11°c 0.0 mm  
  SOUTH 14 mph Wind SOUTH at 14 mph
Wed 25 Nov PM
  8°c 2.7 mm  
  NW 6 mph Wind NW at 6 mph
Thu 26 Nov PM
  7°c 0.1 mm  
  NNW 3 mph Wind NNW at 3 mph
Fri 27 Nov PM
  5°c 0.0 mm  
  NNE 5 mph Wind NNE at 5 mph
Sat 28 Nov PM
  4°c 2.2 mm  
  NNE 4 mph Wind NNE at 4 mph
Sun 29 Nov PM
  4°c 0.0 mm  
  NE 5 mph Wind NE at 5 mph
Mon 30 Nov PM
  4°c 0.0 mm  
  NNE 5 mph Wind NNE at 5 mph
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Live Weather at Rothley | Mountsorrel Weather Station

Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020 11:57 AM
Moon Phase
Thermometer Air:
Air Hi:
Air Lo:

Grass Hi:
Grass Lo:

Concrete Hi:
Concrete Lo:

Brick Hi:
Brick Lo:
10.8 °C    0.4 °C/hr
10.8 °C
8.5 °C

10.4 °C    0.4 °C/hr
11.1 °C
6.6 °C

10.4 °C    0.5 °C/hr
11.0 °C
7.2 °C

11.7 °C    0.6 °C/hr
12.2 °C
12.2 °C

Wind Direction Humidity:
Dew Point:
Wet Bulb
Wind Chill
Cloud Base

Cloud baseFalling

Rain Today:
Rain Past Hr
Rain Rate
9 °C
10.1 °C
10 °C
738 ft

1014.7 mb
-0.6 mb/hr

0.0 mm
0.0 mm
0.0 mm/hr
28.1 mm
666.2 mm

Sun Rise:
Sun Set:

Sun Elev:

15.7 °
99 W/m2
0.0 Idx
      Gust 14 mph      
Today (Tuesday) Yesterday (Monday)
Air Temp Hi 10.8 °c 10:54 Air Temp Hi 9.2 °c 14:27
Air Temp Lo 8.5 °c 00:00 Air Temp Lo 0.2 °c 04:20
Gnd Temp Lo 6.6 °c 00:00 Gnd Temp Lo -1.3 °c 03:34
Wind Gust 21 mph 11:55 Wind Gust 19 mph 23:59
U.V. 0.5 idx 11:49 U.V. 0.6 idx 11:16
Solar Rad 143 W/m2 11:51 Solar Rad 213 W/m2 10:30
RainFall 0.0 mm Rainfall 0.0 mm
Rain Rate 0.0 mm/Hr 00:00 RainRate 0.0 mm/Hr 00:00
Sun Hrs. 0.0 hrs Sun Hrs. 2.3 hrs
November So far 2020 So Far
Temp Hi 17.6 °c 01-Nov Temp Hi 35.8 °c 31-Jul
Temp Lo -0.1 °c 04-Nov Temp Lo -3.5 °c 19-Jan
Wind Max 29 mph 18-Nov Wind Max 49 mph 22-Feb
Rainfall Tot 28.1 mm -14.3 mm Rainfall Tot 666.2 mm +167.7 mm
Rain Rate Max 24.7 mm/Hr 12-Nov Rain Rate Max 107.9 mm/Hr 17-Jun
Current air temperature
0.4 °c/Hr
Mountsorel rain today
0.0 mm/Hr
Sea Level Pressure
-0.6 Mb/Hr
Current Wind Gust
Average 14 mph
Current Wind Gust
Gusting 17 mph
Dew Point Temperature
-0.1 °c/Hr
Grass Surface Temperature
0.4 °c/Hr
Solar Radation
99 W/m2
UV Index
0.0 idx
Stormtrack Mountsorrel Leicester weather Radar image not generated
UK Rainfall Radar
Leicester Mountsorrel Cloud cover image not generated
UK Temperature
Cloud Covernot generated
UK Satellite (Delayed)

Web Cam looking North. Cloud base is 787 ft

Air temperature

Leicester Weather Grass Temperature

Leicester Weather Concrete Temperature

Leicester Weather Brick Wall Temperature

Leicester Weather rainfall today

Leicester Weather rain falling rates

Leicester Weather Sea Level Pressure

Leicester Weather rleative humidity RH

Leicester Weather Lawn volumetric water content

Leicester Weather Lawn temperature 5cm

Leicester Weather Lawn heat gain

Leicester Weather Pyranometer2 Body Temperature

Leicester Weather wind speed adverage

Leicester Weather wind speed gusts

Leicester Weather wind run

Leicester Weather Wind Direction

Leicester Weather Sunshine Hours

Leicester Weather Solar Radiation

Leicester Weather UV Index

Leicester Weather Sun Elevation

Leicester Weather Enclosure1 Temperature

Leicester Weather Enclosure2 Temperature

Leicester Weather Enclosure1 rleative humidity RH

Leicester Weather Pyranometer1 Body Temperature

Dewpoint temperature

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday: Largely dry with some sunshine to end the week but feeling rather cold, with frost and an increasing risk of fog developing overnight, which could be slow to clear.
UK Outlook for Friday 27 Nov 2020 to Sunday 6 Dec 2020: Drier and more settled conditions are likely to continue into the weekend with overnight frost in places and some morning fog patches. Over the course of the weekend and into early next week confidence in the prevailing weather pattern becomes more uncertain. Outbreaks of rain and stronger winds are more likely in the north and west with drier and more settled conditions persisting for longest in the south and east. Temperatures initially below average, perhaps recovering to closer to average during next week. During early December, conditions will likely become more changeable across all areas again, alternating between spells of rain with strong winds and brighter but showery interludes. The driest and brightest weather most likely in the southeast. Temperatures varying around average but with some colder spells possible.

Mountsorrel is a village in Leicestershire on the River Soar, just south of Loughborough with a population of 6,662 inhabitants. A castle was built in 1080 by Hugh Lupus, but there is evidence of an earlier Norman settlement in the area in the form of pottery fragments. A Roman villa is supposed to have existed on Broad Hill during the 4th century AD, the site of today's quarry, as quarrying during the late 1800s revealed many artefacts including a preserved wooden bucket. However, the first recording of the village was in 1377, when it had a population of 156.

The Mountsorrel Weather Station is located in Mountsorrel which is just South of Loughborough andjust North of Leicester, Leicestershire.

This website is non for profit and is freely maintained by Stormchaser Stuart Robinson whose passion is for all type of weather but especially the more severe types of weather such as Hurricanes, Typhoons and Tornadoes.

Stuart oftens travels the globle to experabce severe weather first after seeing his first tornado outside a town called Stuart in Nebraska, USA on the 9th June 2003.

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