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Stormchaser Mountsorrel Leicester wind current Weather

The Stormtrack Weather Station at Mountsorrel and Rothley Leicester

52:42N 01:08W at 229 ft AMSL
The Villages of Mountsorrel and Rothley are located 4 miles North of Leicester, on the edge of the Charnwood Forest
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Last Data Feed: Sat 18 Jan 17:50 PM

Station Automated Forecast: Mostly clear with little temperature change

Automated Airport Weather Stations from around the Midlands

Almost all airports around the world run Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) weather stations, which due to their flat and unobstructed location and clear view of the horizon,  provides for very accurate weather measurements.

LocationICAOGMT TimeTempDew PointHumPressureWindDirWindSpdWindGSkyCommentLatLonElevation
Belfast / Aldergrove Airport EGAA18/01/2020 18:20:003.02.0931033S50  54.65-6.2281
Belfast / Harbour EGAC18/01/2020 18:20:004.02.0861033W80  54.60-5.885
Birmingham / Airport EGBB18/01/2020 18:20:005.01.0751031WNW70  52.45-1.7399
Manchester Airport EGCC18/01/2020 18:20:005.02.0801032WNW70mostly clear 53.35-2.2869
Bristol / Lulsgate EGGD18/01/2020 18:20:004.00.0751031NNE30  51.38-2.72189
Liverpool Airport EGGP18/01/2020 18:20:007.04.0811032WNW70  53.33-2.8526
Luton Airport EGGW18/01/2020 18:20:004.01.0801030WNW100  51.87-0.37160
London / Heathrow Airport EGLL18/01/2020 18:20:005.01.0751031NW30  51.48-0.4524
Leeds And Bradford EGNM18/01/2020 18:20:004.01.0801029W170  53.87-1.65208
East Midlands EGNX18/01/2020 18:20:004.01.0801030WNW90  52.83-1.3394
Norwich Weather Centre EGSH18/01/2020 18:20:003.01.0861029W60  52.631.3014
Cranfield EGTC18/01/2020 18:20:003.02.0931031 00  52.07-0.62111
Wittering EGXT18/01/2020 17:50:004.02.0861029W130mostly cloudy 52.62-0.4784
Waddington EGXW18/01/2020 17:50:005.01.0751029W90  53.17-0.5268
Bucuresti Otopeni LROP18/01/2020 18:30:001.01.01001028NNE70overcast 44.5526.1095
New Delhi / Palam VIDP18/01/2020 18:30:0012.012.01001019 00mostly clearmist28.5777.12220

UK Outlook for Thursday 23 Jan 2020 to Saturday 1 Feb 2020: Into the weekend it is expected to be largely dry and settled with bright spells and light winds, although staying cloudy for most. This will continue for the south further into the following week, whilst the north could be wetter and windier at times. Later on in this period, some rain may briefly spread further southeast across the UK, although the most unsettled weather is likely to remain in the north and northwest, where some hill snow is possible. Further southeast drier spells will be accompanied by the best of any brightness, along with the greatest risk of fog and frost. Temperatures will generally be near average, although a little below at times in the north.
UK Outlook for Sunday 2 Feb 2020 to Sunday 16 Feb 2020: Through the first half of February, we are likely to see a north/south split continuing; with the north being more unsettled than the south. The heaviest of the rainfall and strongest winds are likely to be seen across the northwest. The south is more likely to see drier, brighter conditions with light winds. There is potentially a greater risk of frost and fog patches developing towards the south. During colder, showery interludes, any snow will most likely be over higher ground in the north, but it could fall to lower levels at times. Temperatures will remain close to or above average through the period, though will likely fluctuate as frontal systems pass through, especially in the north.

Mountsorrel is a village in Leicestershire on the River Soar, just south of Loughborough with a population of 6,662 inhabitants. A castle was built in 1080 by Hugh Lupus, but there is evidence of an earlier Norman settlement in the area in the form of pottery fragments. A Roman villa is supposed to have existed on Broad Hill during the 4th century AD, the site of today's quarry, as quarrying during the late 1800s revealed many artefacts including a preserved wooden bucket. However, the first recording of the village was in 1377, when it had a population of 156.

The Mountsorrel Weather Station is located in Mountsorrel which is just South of Loughborough andjust North of Leicester, Leicestershire.

This website is non for profit and is freely maintained by Stormchaser Stuart Robinson whose passion is for all type of weather but especially the more severe types of weather such as Hurricanes, Typhoons and Tornadoes.

Stuart oftens travels the globle to experabce severe weather first after seeing his first tornado outside a town called Stuart in Nebraska, USA on the 9th June 2003.